Ed Byrne was great. I'd

Ed Byrne was great. I'd never been to the SKY City Theatre before - it's very nice. The bells rang softly to call us to our seats, Ed came out shortly thereafter, but not to start the show but rather to tell us what was going on. He had decided to video this performance and would appreciate no one going to the bathrooms during the show because, he said, we may know we're only going to the bathroom, but on the video it looks like he's shit and we're leaving. He endeared himself to us completely, giving us "bonus tracks" to the show with 10 minutes of Byrne funniness, and promising that if this video gets to be made and available, etc, any of us on presenting our tickets would get a free copy. sweet. free stuff. yay.

So off he went and then the lights went down and his voice over the sound system doing his own intro, Mr Ed Byrne. He was funny. He talked for nearly an hour for the first half - 15 minutes longer than he had planned, chain smoking and drinking beer the whole time. 20 minute intermission and he was back and lighting another cigarette and talked again for about 45 minutes, coming back for a 10-15 minute encore. Then again, asking the cameras to be switched off for a 10-15 minute no-holds-barred dig at Michael Barrymore and Madonna. It was great. He was great. Had a really nice evening with Ed. I'd shag him.

The Warriors won 18-16 against the Paramatta Eels too, just so you know.

Today was Mothers Day. I spent most of it alone and in my pyjamas, archiving February, March, April and part of May for thejamjar. Making a quick website for my cousin's new baby so they don't have to keep sending emails with tons of pictures to everyone. By about 5pm I was thinking I a) should get dressed and b) go buy milk. I did so and dropped in at Greg's to see the kids. Only David was in, though he was outside playing with his friends as he often is. I stayed for dinner and it was nice. Watching American Idol and eating fresh fish. Simon and Amy came home a little later - Simon is so sweet, and had bought me a new coffee cup for work, and Amy had txt'd me that morning - we do what we can do *s* they're great kids. I'm always kind of surprised that they do anything for Mothers Day. I never consider myself a very good mother and assume they feel the same way. But they don't. They like me. *renames Mothers Day into Surprise Day*