ARIES (March 21-April 19): Advising

ARIES (March 21-April 19): Advising an Aries to have more patience is like commanding a bonfire to burn in slow motion. Nevertheless, I am at least going to make the effort. Therefore, please be aware that if you would like to place yourself in maximum alignment with cosmic trends, you should find a way to be perfectly content as you watch and wait; you should figure out how to enjoy dwelling calmly in a state of trusting faith; and you should fantasize freely about the delights that will come to you if you cultivate quiet, relaxed confidence. ...go read your stars...

My head my head. You'd think by the way I feel I'd been up drinking, smoking, cavorting, playing Twister all night. But no, all I did was stay sober incase anyone needed me. Getting to the age when I am the "designated adult" is kinda okay by me except when parties start at midnight. Leaving me crawling into bed at 5am and getting up at 9am and feeling like i'd partied way too hard when what I really need is a pie and a nap.

Tonight I'm off to see Ed Byrne (website's not very interesting or revealing) at SKY Theatre. I'll tell you what it's like later.

My May Day isn't going so well based mainly on the fact i'm driving people everywhere and cleaning up. Photographs of vacuum cleaners on the way.

Simon and Jacqui - preBall