The Bus Catching (The Bus Catchening) Report


Monday - sweet
Tuesday - hopelessly confused
Wednesday - ignored the bus and walked but took care to note bus's routine
Thursday - see Wednesday
Friday - used knowledged gained on Wed and Thurs - missed first bus which was 6 minutes early, waited for second bus, discovered a THIRD bus that doesn't do to the ferry. Little bus with FERRY sign fails to appear. Missed my Ferry. Drove my Car into Work.

Why is catching the Bus so DIFFICULT?

10 year olds catch the bus. Little old ladies with alzheimers catch the bus. People who don't know enough to drive a CAR catch the bus. *wails* why can't I catch the bus?

The bus drivers aren't helpful AT ALL either, I have to say. The Rouge bus that showed up without the FERRY sign. I climbed onboard and handed the guy my 70 cents and said I was going to the ferry. He took my money and mumbled something about OK or something and I repeated my desire to go to the ferry which is just as well because THEN he said he didn't GO to the ferry. I hopped off the bus and cursed him when the second bus didn't show and the time for my ferry to leave had passed: he might have mentioned there wasn't another bus and I could have got half way there with him. How long does it take before catching the bus stops being difficult? Sure, there is information out there: time tables and journey calculating websites but they aren't easy to follow, they're not even HARD to follow, they're just next to IMPOSSIBLE to figure out compared to the reality of the situation.

The drive into town was relatively light. Took only 35 minutes, and I thought I would shout myself Downtown parking for a treat but it was FULL so I parked at Beaumont and walked the 20 minutes to work. Passing the renovating building right next to work I notice they have $10 all day parking if you're in by 9am so next time I might park there.

In other news, and in anticipation of the OSCARS, I dreamed of Nicole Kidman last night. Yeh, I knew you'd need to know that. I've dreamed about this house before: block basement, brick house - typical kinda Hillsborough home and I'm pretty sure thats where it's situated. It started off a bit crazy, and it was quite detailed and normal. I had a baby, of about 9 months I would say. And a spa bath/pool thing. Well, it was a pool, but it was in the bathroom. I don't like spa baths but it seems I'd bought the house anyways. So, first problem in the dream, was that the local church was collecting money - like "the collection" in church. I emptied by wallet and its pathetic contents, being all change and amounting to something like $2.50 into the collection basket. I noticed there seemed to be money poking out of the side of the basket, tugging on it revealed a $5 bill, so i put that in the middle of the basket and the collect went off. Not long after that I was trying to explain that even though their accounting revealed a considerable discrepency between what was *thought* to be collected and the actual amount, I hadn't stolen any money. They were pretty convinced I'd pocketed $5 but it didn't get resolved. [don't worry, the nicole kidman part is coming up].

So, we continue and the phone rings: it's Greg, and his friend is getting married and could they have part of the stag doo at my place because of the spa pool/bath thing. [blank look - goodness only knows what THAT means] I didn't want him to but he said it was only 5 of them and they were on there way to somewhere else so, so I said it was okay. Not long after that there are like, 300 hawaiian shirted men all over my house and yard. I'm busy with the baby and trying to get them to be quiet and go away and after a while the noise that they are moves up the street and away. Then my neighbours come over and complain and I have to deal with them saying it was all over the but neighbours bang on and on about it. Then I get visitors. [this is the Nicole Kidman part]

Marshall, his wife, a blonde who turns out to be Renee Zelweger and Nicole Kidman have come to my house for coffee [it's late at night now]. Marshall's wife is quiet, as is Renee, Marshall sits on the couch I'm sitting on and Nicole sits coyly on the corner of the ottoman (no, not the beautiful mauve one I want just some old ottoman). She doesn't have any makeup on. Her nose is a bit red, and her face is freckley and has shiney patches. Her hair is red and mostly frizzy but not so much you want to call her Bernadette, or anything. I have my baby in my lap and we're talking and everyone seems happy and I say something and marshall and Nicole laugh heartily: Marshall looks really comfortable and relaxed. Now, I put the baby, who has fallen asleep, onto the tray with the used coffee cups, and slide the tray under the couch, out of the way [blank look - I don't know] in my dream I think that's kinda strange but it seemed like a good idea at the time. I sort of realise then, that NICOLE KIDMAN is sitting in my lounge, on my ottoman. I say "i know you get asked this all the time but, may i take a photo of you?" and she looks at me with a polite smile and i trundle on "I have this friend who calls you "my nicole" and he's not going to believe me when i tell him you were here" she smiles again and then I say "of course its okay to say no" at the same time she's saying something. but because i'm *babbling* I didn't hear it - she's softspoken, you see - and I don't know if she said yes, or no. Then she moves and sits next to Marshall, he leans back and stretches, his legs pushing out and his hands behind his head and she curls up next to him with her head on his chest - his arm falls gently over her, resting his hand on her hip. I turned to look at his wife who seems perfectly ok with this, and then I realise Renee has turned into Jane Campion and my brain tells me that makes so much sense, they probably all met on Waiheke Island.

now.. wasn't *that* worth sticking around for?