public transport

Bodie and Doyle.. I'm Doyle

I learned something this morning about the bus i'm *supposed* to catch to the Ferry.

To recap: yesterday, a seamless buscatching morning, a relaxed walk across the road
to the bus stop, waiting a few moments to catch the bus that goes to the Ferry with a big FERRY sign on the front of the bus so publictransportdimwits like myself know they haven't made a mistake and caught the bus to Bucklands Beach or Howick or Timbuktu or something. Cocky (heh, you said cocky) and over confident, leaving the house a tad earlier this morning and walking to the bus stop. Looking over my shoulder and down the road to see no bus yet, so turning and repositioning myself at the bus stop so the bus driver can see me. Still "mid positioning" my hair flies in my face as the BUS ZOOMS PAST ME!!

Shit. I go into problem solving mode: I look at my watch, I have 13 minutes to get to
the Ferry. I am wearing the *most* inappropriate walking, let alone walking fast shoes. Last time I walked to the ferry it took 18 minutes. Move, michelle. MOVE!!

Walk walk walk walk check watch walk walk walk walk walk being overtaken by younger,
fitter people who don't even *catch* the ferry walk walk walk check watch walk walk walk I'm gonna make it walk walk walk Ferry bus zooms past me walk what the walk walk shit there's more than one bus??!! walk walk walk cross the road check the watch walk
walk walk walk oh god i might make it walk walk walk walk walk check the watch oh crap, i'm not gonna make it walk walk walk walk walk walk clip clop clip clop down the wharf phew i'm right on Ferry_leaving_time but they see me so they wait clip clop down
the wharf and up onto the gang way and onto the Ferry. Holy crap. I made it.

So, lets see what we've learned: the bus company has more than one bus. the bus I need
to catch is little, and has FERRY written on the front of it. I can make the ferry in 13 minutes. I am a panic'y blonde at the moment.