Bernard says You getting any

Bernard says

You getting any action in here? Because I sure am not.
If yes, please forward any helpful tips
Not that I log in here for 'action', mind you
Lord knows that is not my game
Fact is, I have no game
I'm just an open, honest guy willing to communicate with interesting individuals of any ilk
I don't want something, I'm not here to mess with anyone
I'm just relaxing and availible
I'm tall, masculine, single...I have been blessed with large hands and feet, and I am sensitive to the needs of others (up to a point)
If I'm doing something wrong here, I'm open to suggestions
It's not like I don't have any other options than this, I'm going to be away from chatting for a while, I've got an outside world to navigate
Maybe guys like me have gone out of style
Maybe I should try out that rude, selfish style, that always works
But to be honest with everyone, I just don't get off that much on being rude and selfish
There comes a point in life where you begin to realize that we ourselves are in control of who we really we want things to be...our circumstances, our environment
Anybody wants a piece of me is going to get a sensitive, tall, masculine guy with big hands and feet who isn't rude or selfish
And I do mean
To top it off, I just got a haircut, I'm presentable.