NZ Idol? omgosh, how funny

NZ Idol? omgosh, how funny that will be.

How Not to Get Fired Because of Your Blog
by Blogger Support
[ and me ]

Do you blog at work? [ no, no of course not, I work like I own the company, and working on private stuff on work time is just plain theft ] Do you check your referrer logs [ what like those logs that tell you who's come to your site and how they got there, how long they stayed, what they looked at, where they went and how and when they left? like those ones that secretly download emails from users mail accounts proving once and for all they do order porn online? no, never] and surf the blogosphere [ I'm sure Tailors Today, Strongbad, Tequilamockingbird, Papermilk, Slightly Bewildered, Kottke, The Morning News, Defective Yeti, Public Address and McSweeney's don't need *me* to keep an eye on them all day ] all day from your office? Do you think it might be funny to mock your co-workers publicly, [ well, it *is* pretty funny when Rosie spells her name wrong - and "mock" is such a harsh word - tease gently? ] or that it could be a good idea to post photos of sensitive corporate information on your blog? [ hey, if you own a company with a multimedia office and access to recording equipment and *still* drink too much at the staff parties then you can't blame anyone for recording the moment ] If only Blogger Support could have reached this unfortunate Blogger sooner. Folks, this doesn't have to happen to you. read more and there are links there too