Auckland on a lovely,

Auckland on a lovely, warm, Spring day. [ Mantrack Webcam ]

I heard something on the radio this morning about the idea of legislation to stop people with pix-capable phones "snapping" shots of people without their knowledge or permission. That'll play havoc with me snapping photos of sunbathers on the roof of the Stamford Plaza! Not that I have recently, but summer *is* coming, you know.

I had the pleasure of lunch with Ms Beverly today. We went to Daikoku on Quay Street for a quick Teppan-Yaki. She agreed with me that my new ring, is in fact, VBCP.

There were two young men sitting at the next Teppan-yaki table, and I know one of them but can't for the life of me remember from when.


Did you realise, that there weren't three separate species of Moa but only one.

Scientists thought, because of the huge height differences in the bones they found, that they must be different species of Moa. In fact, the really big birds were the females. At 1.5 times bigger than the males, the female moas towered over their puny mates.

Kinda explains why they died out - they weren't hunted to extinction, it's just that the poor boys couldn't get their leg over.

Darwin's Evolution of Species