Is it procrastination if you

Is it procrastination if you blog? or is it good time management by "getting the little things out of the way"?

On the back end of a brilliant Millers coffee from Serious Expresso with a Lemon Muffin chaser,'s email arrived in my inbox with the news I never thought I'd hear this side of Christmas. The new iBooks are shipping with G4 processors and Panther! I'm so excited.

I want one. I want one really badly.

I spent time in the weekend stroking the white G3 iBooks at the Big Byte at Botany. I very nearly bought one then - not knowing when or how long I'd have to wait for the iBook upgrade that "of course" was coming. The Storepeople didn't have the answers either, but I forgave them because they let me stroke the iBook for as long as I needed to.

Don't even get me started on the iPods.