It's 'cardie' weather. I'd like

It's 'cardie' weather. I'd like to link the word 'cardie' for you so you could go straight to the Glossary but it seems I have forgotten this great kiwi word. Shame on me.

'Cardie' is short for cardigan. A knitted or crocheted long sleeved garment that buttons down the front. (an example).

So yes, it's cardie weather. Time for another layer. Mostly it's inside that's a bit chilly - air conditioning that a few weeks ago was a nice relief from the muggy heat outside, now prickles the skin and makes you rub your hands together. It seems, one by one, we're off to buy 'office cardies' to ward off the goosebumps.

Yesterday, it was my birthday. Amy came into town and took me out to lunch. We went to a buffet Chinese foody place that wasn't very good, and I didn't eat much though she seemed happy enough. There was a man there, and he looked so familiar to me. I kept looking at him imagining he was then imagining he couldn't possible be the man I thought he was. I was transported all the way back to the early 80s and lots of slivers of memories and one in particular - of an office christmas party and a secret santa gift.

Sara was my friend. Tall, busty, blonde and sweet, all the guys loved Sara. When she pulled Paul's name out of the hat, she became his Secret Santa. She couldn't think of anything to buy for him and asked me for my help. I suggested the only thing he really would want was her (not literally, cos he was and still is a very happily married man) and that she should box herself up and give herself as his present. She thought this was a good idea, but couldn't do it on her own. So I became the organiser and this is what we did: The day happened to be a 'Fancy Dress' day too, and Sara and I were dressed in the 30s style. We had seen Paul (he was and still is very good looking) earlier and had been a little disappointed in his business suit as his fancy dress. Sara and I climbed into a crate (large crate seeing as she was so leggy and all) and had the storeman deliver said crate to Paul in the canteen when it was his turn to get up and recieve his Secret Santa gift.