ADF says to Salmon on

ADF says to Salmon on Toast: My mate from work has a buddy who owns a few really posh trendy restaurants in Oxford - my mate and I can't really afford to go to them, but his mate sorts us out and gets us good tables and so on, so the odd time we go for brunch or cocktails or whatever.
So one Saturday, a while back - maybe a month ago, we were in this place called the Duke of Cambridge having a smattering of brunch wot wot. We had a kind of booth thing, but it was just the two of us, so when this guy came over as said "The place is packed, do you mind if we sit here with you?" We naturally just said for him to go right ahead.
Now - the night before, I had been watching So Graham Norton, a chatshow on Channel 4, and who was on it, but Orlando Bloom. I laughed as I thought to myself, 'Good God, I'd never have recognised him as the guy from LOTR without his long blonde hair.'
Finally twig on that it's him and say "Excuse me, were you on Graham Norton last night?"........."I was." he says and I grin at my stunning memory. "I really loved you in Moonlighting." I say, making a JJ joke about the fact that one of the other guests was Cybil Shepherd.......... blank expression from Orlando.
Nothing more was said throughout the meal until we got up to leave and I offered "You weren't bad in Lord of the Rings either."............."Thanks very much." he said through a mouthful of Ceasar salad.
"Sure thing," I said "I loved that big ginger beard they gave you too, I'd hardly have recognised you."
blank expression from Orlando
He was so dense I swear the light in the place was bending round him