PART ONE person a: hey,


person a: hey, I'm going to check the money machine, and funds permitting, thought I'd get burgers for tea. want some or to come or something?
person b: oh. what kinda burger?
person a: dunno. not mcdonalds but.. any suggestions?
person b: you know that place Alligators?
person a: yeh, we got burgers from there before huh?
person b: yeh.
person a: so I should get burgers from there? what sort do you want?
person b: oh.
person a: what?
person b: I don't have any money.
person a: that's okay - my treat. What sort of burger'd you like?
person b: oh, a hamburger?
person a: sure thing. back soon.


person a: I got you a hamburger, and a can of coke if you want it.
person b: oh. but i have orange juice.
person a: oh well. you've got coke now as well!
person b: I'll put it in the fridge
person a: okay
[eating burgers]
person b: is there any meat in this burger?
person a: i don't know, is there?
person b: oh look. yeh, there is.
[eating burgers]
person b: does your burger taste okay?
person a: its okay, nothing earthshattering. why?
person b: mine has a strange, taste. its all the mayo I think.
person a: its just Alligators normal hamburger burger.
person b: was Botany Burgers open?
person a: I don't know, where is that?
person b: right next door to Alligators
person a: I didn't notice. I thought you were happy with Alligators, so i just went there.