It's a beautiful day


It's a beautiful day by all accounts - the sun is diffused through
the opaque sliding doors of my flat. A good day to go into the
city to watch the Warriors
beat the Sydney Roosters
on the big screen that has been set up at the bottom of Queen
Street. The city's gonna go mad when we win. Nice to see Australian
media are being consistant. Throughout the whole season, our live
away games have been to suit the Australian audience. They're
not kicking off until 10pm our time tonight to suit the Australian
viewers yet again. We don't care - we can beat them at any time
of the day.

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Yesterday we finally made it to the Crocodile
movie. Rosie and I had been trying unsuccessfully
to see the movie all week but work has been mad. A nice 2pm
Saturday session and a cup of coke with David as well - it was
wonderful. A delightful, enthusiastic, funny funny movie. I
absolutely loved it. Afterwards, we went to Borders for coffee
and books. A really lovely afternoon.