and the beat goes on

and the beat goes on
Friday, it's Friday
not that I *really* care. I was happy yesterday, and today I am happy again.
hope and sunshine *kinda* can't beat that combination.
I'd really like to buy a Weezer album.. I have Gone Fishin' in my head. In a good way.
The office is quiet, cool and the lights are off. The Fab Four are in: rosie, fraser, patrick and me. Normally the fab four'd be rosie, fraser, patrick and jonathan but he's taking "hours in lieu" for all the overtime he's done lately. I take mine by straggling in late every day for a couple of weeks. So he appears to be a hard worker and I maintain my reputation as a slacker.
Du's in Tauranga so we're [when I say "we" I don't actually include me] on phone duty [rosie mostly].
Coffee, Lemon Honey Bagel and Friday. Good day.