I bought a desk. It's

I bought a desk. It's a big, rimu desk. Maybe an accountant or a manager owned it once years and years ago. It has ink stains in the drawer. I used to have a drawing board laid flat for my computer desk. That was okay so long as I didnt want to open a book or write anything down etc, but inevitably, a person does want to open a book or type from another document, and I need the room. So I bought this desk from the second hand store.

It's a bit nippy, my knees tell me. I'm going to go to bed shortly and read a bit before going to sleep. I'm quite sleepy, to tell you the truth. That milo and bag of vanilla marshmellows hasn't helped to perk me up at all. Don't tell me refined sugars are losing their ability to ressurrect my personality *gasps* Oh Lord, then what will I do?

Nothing I planned to do today I did. Except take possession of my new desk, and wash my clothes - I didnt dry them though so technically you can't say I did my laundry, which is what I was supposed to do - my laundry. The Warrent of Fitness I need to drive my car on the road I still don't have. I am so vague lately. Got that whole airy-fairy thing going on.

Last night I dreamed I was pregnant. Not big and round and hard stomached pregnant, but tiny peanut-just-conceived pregnant. I can't remember how or who, I do remember thinking it wasn't the best of timing but I was happy to have this happen - I must like the father or... maybe it's a dream about the birth of a new idea? nothing to do with babies at all, which would explain how a sexually inactive person could become pregnant. hmm. So, yes, anyway, in my dream, I was knitting, and I was digging out old unfinished cross-stitching projects telling everyone I was "nesting". The two clear things I remember about the dream were the kernal-like knowledge that I was pregnant and Mags saying - on my nesting comment - "oh for goodness sakes, you've only been pregnant two minutes".