I have a head ache

I have a head ache in my eyeball.

Nothing serious, just weird.

I've worked 12 hours today. Renaissance phoned to say my CD Writer had arrived in stock so I high-tailed it over there to get my muchawaitedbaby, but alas alack, when I got back I found the invoice lied and the CD-R's were not in the box so it has to go back. That's okay, I am patient. I'm buying a box and motherboard, PIII 500mgz chip and a 32mb graphics card off my boss. Gonna rape and pillage my 233 and have a nice little beastie on my hands. I'll put the writer into that, and seeing as I can't buy the box from the boss until he purchases new hardware for my NEW (work new) computer, I shall just wait. He's hiring another staff member who will get my computer and I will get a more powerful one with a better video capture card so I don't have to kick him off his everytime I need to capture video, plus, we just need more stuff *nods*

Things are ticking along hunkydoryish for the most part. Work is okay-ish. Communication between staff members leaves a lot to be desired but I get information eventually.

My eyes hurt too. I wonder if it's sinus kinda deal going on in my face. I might just be tired, but no, I feel reasonably perky considering the long day.

OH.. I had my hair cut yesterday.. quite short again. Coloured to soften the harder blonde I had last time. I am really too old to be blonde, well.. light blonde. This is more my dark blonde with warm bits and irish creamy bits. Sound nice? It's nice. I couldn't style my hair out of a wet paper bag but last night, coming home from the hairdressers, I looked fabulous. She said I could just wake up and smoosh it down and it'd be fine today but on waking I found it looked more like a firecracker had gone off in my hair. So I washed it and it's back to it's froofy self.

I finally got around to buying a new toothbrush and toothpaste and mouth rinse for work. I really hate not being able to brush my teeth during the day. I already replaced the cake soap with pump antibacterial stuff with Vit.E for moisturising. I am particular about washing my hands. I hate picking up dirty soap. It's okay at home because its my soap and my germies, but at work, well. I just don't like the colour of the soap either. So to make a long boring story long and boring. Now I can clean my hands and brush my teeth and I feel better for that.

You know I buy Ferrari cars? Little ones. Hot Wheels and MatchBox and Burago. I was worrying in the weekend because, well, you guys must know me by now well enough to know that while I buy these little cars I would never open the packet and play with them (I was considering buying one of those mats with the road patterned in the carpet.. but then I would need a train set so I didnt get the mat). Where was I? oh yeh.. so I was beginning to think that maybe I was being silly and I should rip open all the boxes and take the cars out and to hell with the scratches *gulps - don't believe i just said that*. Simon assured me I was mad, and that they looked cool in their boxes. Either he understands me well enough or we are too much alike. Either way, I felt less alone and stroked the boxes containing my scaled Ferraris.