Time seems to be escaping

Time seems to be escaping me these days. My time alone tends to be 'down' time.. arms down, sit down, chin down, down down. Tired and seasonal lethergy with spasms of work related activity.. short cut keys and answering phones and gluing labels and editing video and..and.. and.. *inhales and exhales*

Recently I met a new person in the Articulate. He asked me if I kept a diary online, and I sent him over here. I followed not long afterwards and read my own diary. I shouldn't do that. My life isn't seen through interesting enough eyes, dammit.

But I have news. My sister Jo is finally online. She has been in the Art and emails and its grand. I like it very much, her being online. Of course.. the fact she hangs out at the Crock-Pot recipe site and the Christian Women's Network worries me somewhat but what the hay.. I love her anyway.

Random Random. I am keeping the flu at arms length. It's outter troops are tapping at my skull but I won't let them in. As much as I love my bed, I do not love being sick and in my bed.

Speaking of my bed, I really do love my bed. The best Thirty dollars I ever spent. Even though I am sporting a smart dark bruise on my shin from its corner's bite, I love love its springs and it's funky 70's patterning and I especially love that in the morning, it's such a comfortable nest.

The training video I helped film and finally edited is a raving success. We've sold over 60 copies. Better watch out.. it'll be at Blockbuster next. I really did enjoy parts of that job. Would love to do more, but have the ability to film all the footage. I didn't like ferreting around in old footage for fillers. It took longer to do that than refilming in digital would have taken.

I have a lot on my plate at work at the moment. It's good, challenging. But, it's a lot.

Michael J Fox left Spin City tonight, and I cried. Not feeling sorry for him of course, I am too selfish for that. Feeling sorry for me not being able to see him anymore. I loved Family Ties and Back to the Future and the Frighteners and all the wonderful times I just sank in my chair and mmmmed at how much I liked that guy.

my mind is all over the place and no where all at the same time.