I was supposed to phone

I was supposed to phone Compass.net.nz and change my email from michelle@workaddress.co.nz to mediaroom@workaddress.co.nz so that Ra and I could have an email address on our business cards that didn't say boss@workaddress.co.nz or michelle@workaddress.co.nz. Picking up the phone after getting the phone number for Compass.net.nz I dialed and asked to change me email address. That was fine, said the woman, could the people in charge of doing that service please phone me back in a little while. Sure.. no problem.

The telephone rung about half an hour later and I answered good morning michelle speaking. Hello, said the voice, this is Anthony from Comnet, long time no see, I hear you are having problems with your [insert garbled IT language I wasnt listening to in here]. In my mind, I though, cor, what are the odds of the IT person at Compass having the same name as Anthony at Comnet. Then I thought and I realised..this was Anthony of Comnet. I had, thru the fate of the Gods or the planets lining up, grabbed the wrong phone number and had not only phoned the wrong company but the wrong city. And got Anthony. My very own Ray of Wellington sunshine. I am such a dickhead. and I was just wondering last week how Anthony was, and nearly phoned him, but got that old "you are just bothering the man" thing I get sometimes and didn't call him.

So I chatted with him. He so SO cheers me up. Made me laugh and it was so good to hear from him.

Its like my IHUG bill. When I was changing my address there, my mind was so BLONDE, I was getting everything wrong. Wrote Natural Bank instead of National Bank, that kind of thing, so it was hardly surprising I wrote the wrong number for my flat, and my IHUG bill went to the wrong house in my street. But the totally quirky thing about that is that it went to a house with the same numbers as mine, but reversed, AND, the guy's name is.. Bill Park. HOw weird is that?

Tomorrow, Ra and I are off to the pub to brainstorm our company webpage. Then I am away to the Comedy Fest with Sonia to see The Naked Samoans. See, I can be social.

remind me to brush up on my CCS, this TD is sposed to be justified and its not.

oops.. fixed it.