I didn't love last week.

I didn't love last week. It takes me a while to notice I am under too much pressure. Sure signs are the rest of my life falls apart.. or at the very least.. begins to frey. My flat was a tip: dishes unwashed, clothes all over the phone, towels unracked, coffee cups everywhere, mail unanswered, bills unpaid - arg.. i hate when that happens. Work's freying too, although that is less my fault and mistakes from the past coming home to roost.

Speaking of Roosting.. I saw Chicken Run today. It was wonderful. Wonderful characters, great pace, goofy slapstick. Attention to detail complete to the last rivot and nail. True craftsmen made that movie. Bravo. It's been a weekend of movies, Rachelle and I finally got to see Titan AE together. *phew* and it was as impressive animationally (new word) as it was the first time. Just complete eye candy. Afterwards we followed Farah and Justin Long-Hair-Now-Short-Hair's advice and visited the Unitec Visual Communication Degree's Graduating Class Exhibition. It was just wonderful. The Content, the Display, the Talent, the Business Cards!

My mind is all over the place and no where at the same time. I am loving my iBook. Loving it to dirty death. using it and using it. I love being able to take it with me, download mail at work onto my own computer and _know_ no one else is looking through it (there has been instances where mail is downloaded on my computer over the weekend and I didn't do it - grrr) It's especially good when, at the power station, and files are taking a while to upload, I can still do stuff - both work and private stuff - it's just so cool. When I finally do my homework/assignment its gonna be good too.

Speaking of the Power Station, while I was there on Friday, Dean showed us his digital camera he is trying out. It's a beauty. Sony camera, besides taking very good quality digital images it can make 6 second mpegs too. So cool. Pricey at $2500. Wonderful for them though, much easier than taking stills with the video camera, and then capturing then putting them onto a disc after enhancing them. They really have been sold far too much equipment for their needs. *shaking my head* God help 'someone' the day they find out they didn't need it all.