It's Friday, and I have

It's Friday, and I have a feeling I have double booked myself for tomorrow, but having misplaced my diary I am not sure. I know I have an art class booked for either tomorrow or Sunday, but I have accepted an invitation to a friend's place for Saturday afternoon too. Dang, where is my DIARY dammit.

Phil was in this morning, recording scripts for Rachelle's project. He's always so chirpy in the mornings, and I am dead on my feet from staying up to late to watch a movie with Richard Dreyfus and Liv Tyler that I really didn't need to see and had figured out the plot early on - but you know when you are tired, the effort of going to bed is just too much at times. I have a real softspot for Dreyfus too. I like him with Holly Hunter - I have seen two movies with those two paired up - had a good cry at both of them. The first (of course I couldn't possibly recall the titles) one Dreyfus was a pilot putting out bush fires and he dies but comes back as a ghost and regrets he never told Holly Hunter how he really felt etc etc and then of course she meets another pilot and well.. predictable but good. The second he is a rich annoying real estate guru and Holly falls in love with him and he with her but her family don't like him or his extravagance. But he loves her and makes her happy and then he gets sick and dies and everyone's learnt a valuable lesson on being yourself and living life to the max etc etc.

I can finally tell you what I bought last weekend. A Wacom tablet. It's so cool - it has a cordless mouse and a sylus that's just like drawing with a pen -well - it is a pen - its.. not like drawing with a mouse. The tablet is smooth and beautiful. I have unplugged my mouse and use the wacom to navigate around the computer. Freya said now's gonna be really cool but I wouldn't hold your breath. I am still busy scribbling daisies and houses and evelopes.. that's about the extent of my skills at the moment. But, it's really cool. I emailed Loobylu to find out what sort she uses and bought the exact same type. Computer stuff rawks.