Bright spark up early working

Bright spark up early working hard. The carrot at the end of my stick (holdiays) speeding me on with a passion not seen since.. well.. not seen. It's nice and cool in the office now the Air Conditioning has been sorted. Phil was in this morning, quick fired sounds off for the updates. I have lots of work to do - due in part to my marathon chatting session yesterday. My neighbour popped her head in because she was worried I hadn't moved from my bed all day. I am very happy I leaned and yelled to her. I got to see Raq and Sander, Barb and Actual, Andy and Magdy, Lou was there too. Freya for a brief moment. Sparkly conversation and bark out giggling. It was wonderful. I spose that's gonna have to keep me going as everyone goes off on their Holiday breaks. It generally works out to be around a month of chatless nights. Which, okay, wouldn't do ME any harm, but I miss people. some people.