The Multimedia Expo was enlightening

The Multimedia Expo was enlightening last night. Mostly it was good for my ego, because these people graduating with a Degree in Communication and Multimedia didn't show me anything that I felt was worthy of their three year course (12 months spent multimedia-ring) Their video work was good, [Ross Brannigan is one of the tutors there so that would explain the higher level of competence shown] but the CD work barely showed promise with bugs such as sound not ending once the Quit button was used. [having to use ctrl+alt+delete in a presentation situation is fairly poor]. One of the students we spoke to claimed Director itself had a bug that didn't allow for sound to turn itself off, which showed us that they obviously don't know what they are talking about. [blaming Director within Rachelle's earshot is the equivalent of telling a mother her baby is ugly - Rachelle got all "Sean" on that student's arse - the student tried to sound knowledgable but it was rapidly discovered she didn't even know what "shockwaving a file" or "anti-aliasing text" meant - that about sums up the level of CD Production tutoring at AUT I guess] Mostly, the CD's were pointless and only slightly above Powerpoint demonstrations. Shame really, after a 12 month course.

I didn't see any of their webwork, but the site associated with the Expo had some pretty basic linkage failures [which very well be fixed by now - it has been 24 hours - and if they are not fixed yet - why not?] Overall this site looks good in some areas and mediocre in others.

I may sound harsh and critical - that's mostly because I am.

When comparing AUT and NCMT it's easy to see although we didn't come out with a more notable Qualification, our training was superior to the Degree students by a country mile. I doubt employers would know this, though, and would hire a Degree holding Graduate over an NCMT Advanced Multimedia ticket holder. It would be their loss.