Oh, yes, it's another Monday

Oh, yes, it's another Monday and I'm conserving space by chucking one entry after another after another onto this page. The weekend went far too quickly. After the pub on Friday and a wee bit of Pakuranga Plaza-ring, Saturday held my hair cut. My appointment card read: 11am 11/11/00. I had my hair cut short again. I feel much better - aerodynamically. My evening held a cruise up the Harbour to the Riverhead Pub for dinner then back to the Viaduct. Then off to a marvellous nightclub called Coast (very Freya when she come's back over) then home to bed. Rachelle and I were to see TitanAE at 12:30pm on Sunday so met at 10am for breakfast and books at Borders. I got the time wrong so we missed the movie and saw The Kid with Bruce Willis instead. I cried and cried. It was a good movie even with it's "oprah moments" (hugging your inner child). I love Bruce - this is not a secret.

*pauses for breath and makes a paragraph*

I don't seem to be spending much time online lately, [i just typed 'sex' significant?] especially in the weekends. I suppose that's a good thing, but it's a strange thing too.

My travel agent is on the job - we're organising the trip so I'll keep you posted on developments. I am so so looking forward to this in a terrified will-I-get-lost-and-miss-my-connecting-flight kinda way. I was thinking last night about taking a video camera with me. Of course I'll need a digital a Super8 won't do. (might have to do Michelle with around $3000 price difference between the two) (ok).

I have goosebumps. It's a bit chilly this morning - cardie weather. -- o o little Japanese women just came into the office selling sushi. Yum. I love it when food comes alookin' for me.