I am so hungry. My

I am so hungry. My stomach is actually rumbling audibly.. so like, even other people can hear it. I am still at school, though to tell you the truth, I don't really know why. I am fart arsing around. oh by the way? check out RentWorks, it apparently had 2 million bucks chucked at it's web site. That's a lotta money for a Flash4 site.

And I made this web page.. no silly not this web page.. my assignment rocks-and-feathers-turned-into-skin website.. and it looks kinda funky, on account of we had to make it with 256 colours (216 really being websafe and all) and i just wanted to used squillions of colours, so I guess I should make a groovy one next and put that online instead, but nope.. gonna chuck the fugly one up erm.. tonight. The administrator's computer is the only one able to FTP here, and its like allllllthe way over there *points to the desk ten feet away* so i will do it from home.

*note to slef: hunger pains make you ramble rubbish*

and so she goes on... Justin's at the French Art Shop. It is just the scrummiest art shop around. It has delicious paper and fine water colours and brushes and and its just yum. He's coming back, cos he left his computer on.. and all his stuff is here. Sean's just left for home.. its half past six and I think he must work too hard. Ken is sitting over there working away *looks* oh yes, its work and not fartarsing around, carry on. The cleaning Lady is cleaning. My stomach is rumbling. Why am I still in the lab?

The Articulate seemed to have died earlier. Died in the fashion of Stephen outraged, but I doubt very much it was him. In fact I would put money on the fact it wasn't him. Alex had just been booted for being abusive *i must've blinked* maybe it was her? ah well. It was a shame.. I was having a nice time and teaching well, teaching is too strong a word... Justin was watching. Interested, you know? yeh. Cos not every one chats. I KNOW! hard as that is to believe.. there are somepeople out there for what ever reason, find chatting a bore, or don't find chatting at all.

Of course, I could chat to a blind man with no power.. I don't have any troubles in that department.

Content.. its so important don't you think? (another do as i say not as I do coming up here). I just don't have any content for my Multimedia webpage on account of I am not one yet. I worry that I will never be one, but that's a different story. But I thought.. three C's... Content, fark i forgot the other two *rummages* --okay.. *ahem*


there.. I said it. I think it's important. I make a visitor understand what you are saying; to let them feel part of something; and to reward them for visiting by providing information, entertainment, and ease of access.

This is the Web According to Michelle.

We have to raise the standard of Content, and lets face it, basically there is only one way to go, and that's up. Most pages (and I am excluding Personal Pages here because I think they are an expression and fall out of my preaching today) do not actually have any information. NO hold on.. most Pages that look groovy, such as entirely Flash sites, often don't have any reason to be there other than the fact that they are groovy and distract for about two minutes. Honestly? that's not enough. We have to build strong multi-tooled pages that hold the web together in a united way, not in the broken-link/pornography way of today.

And Community is vital. We are all humans, in case you need reminding, and we are creatures of habit, creatures of comfort, and creatures of company. It's nice to feel part of a group. Some pages, such as GlassDog do a great job of this. And this is just one man's personal webpage. Companies should look to follow his example. Give a consistant reason for people to revisit your site. Have them want to come back and see updates and comments on messageboards etc.. let them feel as if they belong, and that you aren't just using your site to advertise. People love to chat (chitchat I mean) do that to them. Make comments. Ask them what they think. Provide ease of use forms so they can reach out and tell you their thoughts. And meantime.. their mind tells them what a nice friendly company you are and they will do business with you, they will tell their friends, and you will add a loyal customer base. Worth it's weight in gold.. especially in the States where people tend to weigh more.

shit i am still hungry.

and I am still here.