The Movies. They (moviemakers)

cows and spheres

The Movies. They (moviemakers) spend so much money making movies. Millions of dollars. Hundreds of Hours. How do they fuck up SO badly time and time again? I could spend that much money and make a really bad movie too, so why is it so very difficult for people in Hollywood to get movies made, when all they seem to be making is CRAP.
First it was Deep Blue Sea, this time it was The Haunting. It look like it cost squillions. The sets were pretty impressive, over the top digitally I guess, Phil Tippett strikes again. It got me thinking what the heck is scary. Remember those old movies, such as The Birds, or those Vincent Price classics.. they scared me. They really did. It wasn't entirely due to the fact I was young and silly cos the only thing that's changed is my age.
I have to collect my thoughts.
It's the unknown. It's not knowing where that shark is. It's not knowing what's under the stairs. It's not knowing if you are awake or asleep or where Freddie is gonna jump from. It doesnt work if you know and can see everything. The Haunting has no mystery. It has no dark. It has no unknown and isnt interesting enough for you to care anyways.

If it had more blood.. some oozing walls. If it had some sex.. nice girl on girl scene on one of those huge beds. And a bit of possession never goes astray, Liam could have done with being possessed by someone interesting.