ggggrrrrrr geocities. I had

ggggrrrrrr geocities.

I had a potentially productive day turn into a bloody waste of time. I had such great plans too. Was going to teach Mags how to use the Internet so she can teach it only to find the stupid macs at her school seem to be such gutless wonders I couldn't even get the geocities page generator up. Man, for a school that's barely a year old, they have some crap hardware. They don't even have CD drives for goodness sakes. I guess they were either ripped of big time, or someone on the Board of Trustees cut a deal somewhere along the line. I have NEVER seen such a slow connection, and i would bet dollars to donuts that 'puter has less than 16megs of RAM.

But she thought the homepage was cool, but then, she's barely ever seen a homepage in her life so it was easy passing off the work as cool.

There, that's better isn't it? You can't beat margins.

You will never believe it after the last entry, but I got away with the soundclip thing by the skin of my teeth. It appears Steven D had the cd in his drive so I ripped it out and recorded the voiceover, chucked some tweetybird sounds and highheelsingravel (no, they are not horse's hooves) and a big arse train sound into the background and got the assignment in on time.

So, I guess I still won't have learnt my lesson about getting things done early/when I have time to. Oh well, I wouldn't be me otherwise I suppose.

The Cdrom project is in its final weeks, which is enough to put anyone into a spin. I emailed the Company for copyright permissions and any video or audio stuff they have. Doing Premiere and needing some footage to edit and shove on the Cd you see. If I let it, the oh-my-god-i-will-never-finish-this's come to the surface. Not at all helped by the addition of a second assignment handed out on Friday, due two days before the CDRom one is due. Just a leeetle bit of pressure.

The new assignment is to make a 30 second video clip featuring my car (there are clauses for those who are car-deficient but seeing as thats not me i won't go into it here). Oh, and it's meant to be funny. Some have said i just need to film my car and its hilarious enough. Well, erm. Okay.

For some odd reason I have emailed a person I don't know. He wrote back. I replied. He answered. I responded. Amazing. I can't help what happens when I lick the sugar bowl 49 too many times (mind you some might say once is too often).

I think I quite like the fact no one knows this exists.
Back Page, August Issue of New Zealand PC World:

'Does your PC give you grief? It might sense that you're a wimp. Try Dr Deeram's assertive maintenance techniques.

  • Approach the problem machine in a confident manner. Let it think that you don't care if it works or not. Like dogs, computers can smell fear.
  • If others are watching, always be ready for a machine to start working of its own accord. Rehearse lines like: "There, I thought that would work."
  • Try percussive maintenace. This involves gently lifting the uncooperative device about 100mm above the desk as though looking for something underneath. Then suddenly drop the beast. This often completely fixes the fault.
  • If all else fails, simply swap your PC with a working model from another department. If there's a danger that serial numbers are kept somewhere, make sure you've swapped your computer long before it breaks down (this is called 'preventative maintenance).'