So look, another entry, that's

So look, another entry, that's amazing.

Checking out flights to Melbourne. Booking by the end of the week. Going to see the trams, cafe and Freya's of Melbourne. About time too.

I think I have screwed up my sound assignment. Why do I leave things til the last minute? I always do, and most of the time I pull it off, but late this afternoon I realised the file I had made in the sound studio last week, that I ripped off the cd to use later *today* refuses to play without it's original disk. And I can't find the original disk. Seems someone has it in their pocket or in their bag or some such oversight, and I don't know where it is. The files are being burned tomorrow for show and tell on Thursday morning, and there is a blank space next to my name that should read michelle.wav. Bugger.

Why do I do that? I am my own worst enemy. Oh it won't mean I fail the course or anything but being sooo anal about filling in forms and such i hate blank spaces where there should be none.

*plonks* and I have a headache. I am getting too many of those these days. It's the sitting-in-front-of-a-computer thing and it's the you-are-running-out-of-time thing.

I watched the X-Files tonight. Gawd damn Mulder is a fine looking man. And he's funny too. When Santa gets to the Plaza I am going to ask him for Mulder for Christmas. I bet I get him too, because Santa is pretty nifty and fairly well connected when it comes to getting stuff. He has more access to more stuff than any other human on the Planet, I reckon. I will be good for the rest of the year to improve my chances.

Do you think these pages need colourful titles and stuff like that?

Adobe Premier tomorrow. I need two gigs free on the hard drive for that. Hungry little program indeed. Video. Who would have thought it? I might get to say 'action' and 'cut' and 'wrap' a bit later this month.

And no one in the Articulate - which is a good thing. I need to go to bed. I haven't been sleeping well lately. Screwed my sleep patterns up again. At least I do it well. I drink too much coffee. I don't drink enough water. I don't move enough. My breath is far too shallow. I need to make a list and improve some stuff. Of course, I will have to shop around for some nice paper to write the list on. And find a comfy blue pen.

No doubt, I will drink 2 ltrs of water, run 10kms, drink tea, sleep 8 hours and ihale deeply the night before and feel very virtuous.

I suck.