This is the last time

This is the last time I will sit at this computer. It's Wednesday and I am burning the files of my harddrive to cdrom.

Well, actually, I am buring Guy's files to cdrom cos he's gone to the bank and then he is catching a plane at 2pm so he's running around a little bit stressy, so I will burn my cd's after his are finished.

I am ready to leave this place, but not the People. It seems strange to be here. Guy will be back soon. So will Rachelle. Ken is here now. I can hear Sonia laughing in the foyer. I saw Nick. I didn't see Andre. I will miss the people. Justin Reid (longhair) isnt sitting next to me. Justin Kennedy isn't sitting behind me muttering at Bradden. Adrian's Grace Jones music isnt on a loop somewhere down the back of the class, and Sean talking to PC's ("you fucking cunt") is but a fading memory.

I am ready to leave this place.

But not the People.

I have one small window. To return to submit my final project before January 18th. I will take that window for one last look at familiar faces of those who work here.

I just like being part of something. Working within a group. Knowing people within a company or in this case, college. It feels like.. I was going to say family but thats just corny and it doesn't feel like my family. It's that 'team' feeling.. and .. I know. When I first came here, I came from being alone. I had been using the Web for several years and I was still the only person (besides Alan) who did. My friends weren't subtle in their comments regarding the Internet and my life in it and my life with it. It was rarely positive. Then I came here and the first big impression was, everyone was like me. The Web was integrated into their lives and fast becoming their careers and sending email wasn't a "phase" to grow out of.

If nothing else it confirmed my thoughts and enhanced, no, GAVE me confidence. I have become more me in the past 9 months than i have been since I was.. ever.

So, now what? New Zealand shuts down over Christmas. It's our summer and everyone goes on holiday. You cannot get anything done in this country before (optimistic) mid-January (realistic) February.

Still not knowing what I want to do regarding actually working, I have enough to keep me occupied over the Christmas break. three websites, a nice cross section of work to show potential employers. A brochure for Mags which I promised ages ago. Learning HTML properly and XML too.

And have a really good think about what I want/can do.

The plan being to actively seek employment feet-on-pavement-cv-in-hand in the second week of January. And thankgoodness Quentin doesn't read this cos he told me to be on five recruitment agencies lists 4 months ago (he was right but this is me so i am not)

so now i go to watch the blue bar creep across the info box of the mac while my files burn themselves onto the cdrom.