(should be Procrastinator's Anonymous, but

(should be Procrastinator's Anonymous, but I am in denial)

Hello, my name is Michelle, and I am an addict. Currently I am addicted to:

unnumbered lists
buying technical books (mostly computing)
owning web real estate - while i keep this in check.. i did have the overwhelming urge to grab neighbouring territory when it was vacent last week.
email - and i get quite grumpy when i dont get any, or if it's only xoom stuff.
stationery items - folders, pencils, sharpeners
I feel this list is quite acceptable.. there have been times when my addictions have included (sometimes in quite seriously damaging ways):
cigarettes (i am not saying i am over them, but i am not as compulsive as I was)
chocolate (which is really very sick, on account I don't even like the stuff)
patchwork fabric/books/doo-dads
being spineless
Things I would like to be addicted to:
running/aerobics/some other heart motivating activity
fresh air and sunshine
lists/checklists/to-do lists
truth - spoken and unspoken
And yes, addicted/addiction is a strong word, but I don't do things in halves around here mister.. its full tit or no go. Well.. its mostly just thought and planning with no one to delegate to so stuff mostly doesn't get done. Just in case you think I blamed all my troubles/problems on my lack of underlings, you are 100% correct.