I just can't stay away

I just can't stay away for TechBooks in Newmarket (i would provide a link but their page takes ages to load and its not that great and its not worth the wait... just imagine.. Amazon.com but 10 billion dollars smaller).

So I walk in .. and of course, I get "oh god, she's back to feed her addiction." (but in a nice way) .. I don't know the two women other than the fact that I go into this shop so often I kinda recognise one of them and vaguely the other.. but they remember me cos i have to fork over my Student ID card for my '10% discount', my Regular Customer card for my '11th book free' thingo.. and my Bank Card to complete the transaction, so they see my name so often they remember it.

The short haired woman says.. "I thought you said you were gonna curb your spending, Michelle?" I scrunch one eye up, i have ABSOLUTLY no recollection of that comment, let alone saying it to this woman. "Where did you hear that?" I ask, "It's obviously a vicious rumour put about by someone other than me."

I mean.. I LOVE that store.. and I have three lines of my "11th book free" card to fill up. and I love filling in stuff.

This story is really to mask the fact that I embarrassed myself this morning with Andre.. and in front of others.. in the canteen.. and on retelling you probly won't grasp how very red my face glowed.

He ran past, his office is on one side of the canteen, his classroom the other. He did that I'm-not-really-running-inside run.. and his pants pockets jangled with lots of loose change and keys and whatever else guys tend to keep in their pants pockets. On his way from Classroom to Office I yelled "whoo hoo, Moneybags" like you do. I actually didn't think he had heard me, but on his way back, from Office to Classroom, he smiled and said "its not money" to which, of course I replied.. "I hope it is money, otherwise somethings broken in there".

Now repeating this story, and it seems okay, reasonable. Cept for some reason, I blushed.. like.. I-had-to-hide-my-face blushed, and according to Adrian, as the classroom door closed, Andre was blushing too. So I don't quite know what THATS all about cept Adrian and Rachelle were laughing like MAD.

Times and instances I guess.

October 1999

I met David yesterday. Known him since the Couplet days, and yesterday I had coffee with him at Mission Bay. He is as lovely as he appears online. Spent a nice few hours with him, yes indeed.

Though, of course, to start with I thought I was waving at him and it wasn't him at all. *starts at the beginning*

I didn't have a very good day yesterday - hell, lets face it, she's not been great for a while. School's difficult, some stuff has got behind, I am pathetic; you know, the usual. So I was later than I had planned getting away from the College, but arrived at the randevous point with ten minutes to spare (i really really hate being late) So, I park my car. And I walk to the big fountain, across the expanse of grass.. I see a man sitting on the park bench by the fountain.. that must be him. I wave. The guy, who is looking around and looking around, looking out for someone (me naturally) so I wave and walk some more.. and he keeps ignoring me. erm.. okay.. so this guy doesn't look as I expected David to look, but then who does? So i am still walking, ever closer, wind blustery as all fuck.. he looks at me again.. i wave and smile again (nearly there) and he fucking IGNORES ME!

So I get there.. up to him.. finally.. his hair blowing madly in the wind, my hair blowing madly in the wind.. and I say "David?" and he ignores me (or okay, doesn't hear me) "hi, are you David??" I repeat myself *hates repeating myself*. "No" he says. *typical, i think* "Oh." I can't just not talk to him now "who are you then?" (go mish) "(insert name i promptly forgot here)" ... "oh. right.. okay" I blunder *sitting in the park bench next to him* (yeh good move, scare the poor bugger to death, an entire park, 6 park benchs, sit next to him) (look around for the real Grant) "So, who are you waiting for?" I have been spending too much time with Sue *Gestapo Leader* Waterman, obviously. "Cliff (or some name similar I of course promptly forgot this information too)" So I share, like you do.. "I am waiting for David" (I hold his attention with my riviting conversational skills) *he spends his entire time on a) the edge of his seat and b) looking around anxiously for Cliff or Clegg or whateverthefuck the guy's name is* Then he chirps up. "Oh, there was a guy hanging 'round earlier (how long has this guy been here?) he's sitting in that Camero over there *points* (points for being helpful)" ahh.. "I don't think My guy as a car" (wrong mish never mind but anyway)

Okay, this is stupid Michelle.. you sit next to this guy and now you are like committed to sitting next to this guy cos what will he think if you got up and moved away.. you might hurt his feelings or feed his rejection problems or.. shut up mish *gets up and moves waaaaaay around the other side of the fountain so David can actually see me.

And he did, and it was good.. and he's tall, and lovely as I have mentioned. And that's the end of my story.