Thursday tiredness or how not to win at blogging

Goodness me, but this has been a long week.

This is the third week back at work and by far the longest so far this year. On Tuesday it felt like next Thursday and today; well, let's just say I think my clock is so warped I think it might have busted a spring.

I'm not the only one to feel this way if any of the grumbles I've heard from colleagues are anything to go by. This week is a time warp, and not in a good way.

How to not win at blogging

  1. Type straight into your blogging software - you know how annoying and non-interesting listening to someone's dreams are? well that's pretty much how it is when you type straight into your blogging software. This kind of stream-of-consciousness isn't isn't interesting to many people and won't drive any traffic to your blog. How do I know? look around: that's right - you're here alone. You are the *only* reader of this post and do you know who you are? you're also the author.
  2. Don't have any kind of defined topic or niche for your blog - this relates closely to point number one. Every day is a new stream; and every day the topic is different except some days when the topic is the same. Just when you think this blog is about rabbit photography, someone uploads a post on content strategy, or shares a knitting pattern, or paints a picture, or adds a recipe. This lucky dip approach to blogging is exactly what every successful blog does *not* do. 
  3. Blog when you feel like it - no one will ever know when to expect new blog posts or, even better, a pattern will start to emerge and just when you think that there's a new post every day *bam* don't share anything for a week!

Follow these simple steps and you, too, can have a blog for nearly two decades and still be a retro "online journal" in a world of successful bloggers who can quit their day-jobs and fly to exotic locals to post travel tips and cocktail recipes and DIY posts.


Okay it's official: I am tired and need to get some bone-deep rest. This post has been brought to you from The Past when this kind of post was all the rage and no one knew what they were doing.