Evidence of motive

The iPad isn't very good, is it?

It's not? I don't know, I don't have one.

No. It's not very good. Have you ever tried to edit a long email on one?

No. I don't have an iPad.

Well you can't. It's so difficult.

I'm not sure that's what the iPad was made for.

I know, I know. And Word documents? impossible to write and edit on an iPad.

Yeh well I'm not sure that's the kind of thing you do on an iPad.

I know, but still, you should be able to edit emails on one. 

Not if that's not your core reason for being. Isn't an iPad more about consuming content rather than creating it?

I know, I know. But you try editing a word document on an iPad, it's impossible.

But is that what an iPad is supposed to do well?

I KNOW, I KNOW! But it's just really hard to do any editing on the thing.


It's like the iPhone, when it first launched, it didn't even have a task app.


How crazy is that?? didn't even have a way to add tasks. 

But isn't the iPhone the hardware, and the app store, over time, has fostered a community of developers who create these apps, like task apps, so now you have the apps you need?

Yes I KNOW that but in the beginning, the iPhone launched without any way to add tasks!!


I think that Samsung is a much better phone.

Oh, speaking of Superman

David: Watching old Christopher Reeves movies today I have to say that Superman was a real dick. He was always picking Lois up and flying away with her then dropping her and she'd be screaming, falling, and he'd fly and catch her again and laugh.

Michelle: You know that a human body doesn't know the difference between joke-falling and real-falling.

David: No. It does not.

Michelle: So Lois's bowels and bladder most probably would've evacuated.

David: Maybe Superman was into that kind of thing.

Interview Notes: Ana White

Yesterday, I listened in on Darren Rowse, of ProBlogger.net fame, interview Ana White.

Ana is an American living in Alaska, and blogging about her passion for home improvement, with a particular emphasis on carpentry. After discovering what a blog was, she created one over at blogger.com and started sharing her plans on line.

After only a few months, she was linked to by the popular Apartment Therapy site, and her traffic increased dramatically. With high quality content, Ana's site community grew and grew, and today she has over 3 million page views per month.

With so many readers-eyeballs, the advertising she displays on her site now supports her family and lifestyle in Alaska.

Isn't it great that ordinary people who work hard and share their passion online can sometimes get to make it their day job? Her site is really helpful and the community that has grown around it are also passionate about DIY and improving their lives and style.

Ana seems to be a down-to-earth, hard-working, honest-to-goodness person. It makes me super-happy when I find successful stories like this happening to ordinary, extraordinary, people. Check out her site - she's going through a chicken-coop phase at the moment, but I'm thinking of giving this laundry hamper organiser a go.