Freestylin' a al

Flipping heck, people - where are all the blog posts?

Oh no, don't worry. I haven't written or posted them: they're not lost or anything. They're just not here because they don't exist.

See that calendar in the right hand bar? It gets a little grey square on each day I post something to Those grey squares are too few and too far apart. BTW I am actually ignoring the larger grey square, also to the right, where my Instagram photos (used to) show because well, grey square reasons.

So back to the calendar; when I see how few and far between those boxes are I think "that's so not good enough, Michelle. Come on, rattle your dags and post something for Glob's sacks!" (sacks? sakes, I meant sakes).

Hehe, Glob's Sacks - I like that.

ANYWAY. I WAS OOPS, I was just on reading Heather Armstrong's blog posts and she has written some very flipping fantastic articles in her 18 years online. Her writing feng shui is strong; I've always envied it. The article I just read though wasn't an article; it was just one of these: open the blog editing window and type. Or at least that's what it appeared to be. And it made me remember how much I used to do that and how much I really like doing that and how I think that the energy that is captured in such posts - if not so many nominations for the Nobel Blog Prize - makes up for all the grammatical and stylistic problems associated with just typing.

So here I am just typing.

I'm doing Camp NaNoWriMo and VEDA (Vlog Every Day in April) because of course I am. Why wouldn't I sign up for projects that I fail at every.single.year. It's not about succeeding (according to my inner-quitter) it's about having fun and I am doing that.

Camp NaNoWriMo is held in April whereas NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) is held in November. The Camp is more flexible and we are sorted into cabins (writing groups). The flexibility comes with what and how much you want to write. The goal is to develop a habit of writing and also to free up your fingers to not be so precious in the draft stages. I've set myself a goal of writing 30,000 blogpost words as opposed to the customary 50,000 word novel. Oo and I just realised THIS IS GOING TO COUNT! *fist bump* YES!

VEDA happens in months that start with the letter A so the acronym works. Each day I make a vlog - which is a video log of one's life - and generally is a personal, talking to the camera thing. The object of the exercise is to develop a habit, "get over yourself" being in front of a camera and to develop the skills to make a good job of creating video.' There really isn't time for much more during the week because of work and kids and stuff.

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