Sunday uplate

It's April, folks.


Today was a day of chores. Far too many chores for a Sunday. And it was entirely my own fault for being a procrastinator all day yesterday.

It's good get on a cleaning-roll. Picking up, putting away, washing, drying, folding, tucking, plumping, sorting. It makes me feel good and I really do actually enjoy it. Makes me wonder why I put things like tidying up after myself off so often.

The weather

We've got some wild weather coming this week. Rag-tags from the cyclone that hit Queensland last week. Of course nothing as fierce as they faced in Aussie, but enough to need your hutches battened down if you have 'em.

Rabbit update

Those goofy bunnies of mine, they just love being out in the rain. My cousin got a rabbit for her young girls a while back and were so surprised how the bunny kept going out into the rain instead of staying in the dry hutch. Rabbits are weird like that.

I'll need to rearrange the hutches soon and do running repairs in preparation for the Winter months. Not that it snows here or anything drastic, but we can get lots of rain. Last year it flooded their tunnels in the back yard and they weren't very happy about that. 

Working stiff

Work is fantastic; I really am very lucky. We managed to hire someone (finally) to backfill my job so I can concentrate on the web project I'm seconded to. I'm really looking forward to doing mostly project stuff and really move some of our plans for a better web community forward.

I am trying to get to work earlier in the morning so I can leave earlier in the evening. As a dedicated night owl, these changes are challenging, but some days I manage it; just need to make some days more days more often.

Comment posting problems

I heard from @foxmwoods that when she left comments on the previous post, they disappeared after showing a notification that they were awaiting moderation. The email notification wasn't triggered so I am not at all sure what's going on here. I don't have any moderation settings for the comments.

Have you experienced anything like that when leaving comments?

Goodnight Kiwi

Have a great week everyone - see you on the Twitters :)