Sunday update

Working: agile

We're working on a project at work using the Agile methodology. It's super-great and suits our software/web updating project - not to mention my way of working too.

Trouble is, I still have to do parts of my "old" job and sometimes it's stressful. Like, really stressful. Like, if-you-need-me-to-talk-to-you-I'm-going-to-cry stressful.

A thing I've learned about myself since the Angela Merkel live-streaming incident is that when I let myself get *that* wound up about something at work, my shoulder packs a sad. A big sad. A wake-you-up-at-all-hours-of-the-night-to-remind-me-I'm-still-here sad. 

My shoulder is currently very sad; and sore. The end.


The way I sketch my notes has been noticed at work. I was asked to sketch-note the 3 Minute Thesis finals and live sketch-note a lecture.

Let me tell you something: people who need to explain their thesis in under three minutes talk really fast and my cognitive speed has improved but it's still not up to scratch*. I managed to get most of the thesis titles and a few of the pertinent point, along with a pig and a poi-twirling grandma. But that was it.

My live sketch noting was for a colleague who needed to talk to a group of professional staff members (that's what they call us at the Uni) about Effective Communications. He'd shared the notes of his well-constructed talk the day before and I drew the notes on the white-board as he talked through his lecture.

I enjoyed it a lot but I'm not entirely sure he got what he had bargained for. I mean, the notes looked a lot like the notes I've done before but I don't think he'd really ever seen them properly. My notes are pretty childlike and not very sophisticated but they work for me to remember what's been said and the ideas presented.

Anyway, I enjoyed doing both sessions and I spose the proof'll be in the pudding.


It's that time of the year when I aspire to over commit to some activity or other every day for one hundred days in a row. Yeh, well you're only a section away from another overcommitment so I guess that's my thing.

Not the doing; the overcommitting.

I really thought about it this time too. I decided to move out of my comfort-zone and try for something that didn't involve drawing. I've had a ukulele for years since Willo and Fox bought me a red ukulele way back in the Melbourne days.

My #100DaysProject is to learn the ukulele well enough to sing a song by the end of the 100 days.


You would have seen in previous posts that I was making a video every day. The dealio was to star and upload a video every day for the month of August. I gave up after a couple of weeks because I was just making videos with no real reason, story-line, or purpose. Like the #100DaysProject I find committing to this really hard along with giving 100% to the work project I mentioned at the top of this update.

I let myself out of the deal to make a video every day in August to save myself and you as well so: you're welcome.

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* I just watched someone back my car into a fence, slowly, and stood and watched without doing anything about it because I couldn't grok what was going on. I mean, I could *see* what was going on but I couldn't get all my crash-test-ducklings in a row enough to say STOP!