Lunch and dinner

It's Friday so that means drawing in cafes! Well one cafe, it's not like I have all day to do this you know. Plus - trend of cafes might need to be broken and as the weather improves, I might be able to find other places to draw during the week.

The Brickhouse on Symonds Street is so charming and the people who work there are completely delightful. It's just across the road from the office so very convenient for a habit seeking creature like myself.

 The Brickhouse, Symonds Street. 

The Brickhouse, Symonds Street. 

As easy as lunch can be due to the number of cafes in town, dinner is a complete dilemma. I just can't get my main meal jam straight. Nearly every night it's a pathetic fumble around the kitchen to try and get a meal on the table.

The other night when my sister Jo cooked dinner it was a revelation and a joy. Maybe I need to hire a chef? I need to do something, it's just such a pain at the end of every workday it just needs to stop!

PS: Loving the first-screen-stills on my videos haha.