Markets, Menopause, and Masterchef Australia

It’s Sunday and it’s threatening to rain. We haven’t had rain much lately (apart from last evening) and so it’s nice for the wet to cut through the humidity we’ve been suffering under this Summer.

The year is fully underway as we’re about to kiss goodbye to February. A new semester starts this week so two of my children get ready to start back at University and into the rhythm of student-life again after a long Summer break.

Meanwhile, I'm currently into Markets, Menopause, and Masterchef Australia - all important parts of my life right now.


I visited the French Markets in Parnell yesterday. It’s the first time I’ve managed to get myself over to the bustling Saturday markets. It was larger than I was expecting with lots of fresh produce, speciality foods, and dogs to make it well worth my time.

It’s a busy, dog-friendly market, with lots of good food and refreshments, with a distinct French theme in some corners - including the occasional Vespa and bunch of sunflowers. 

Delicious pastries at the french market in parnell.

Delicious pastries at the french market in parnell.


If you’re a woman, and live long enough, you will experience the cessation of your menstrual cycle. The average age for this to start happening is between 45 and 55 although it can happen much earlier for some gals, especially if they’ve had a hysterectomy.

This time of a woman’s life spans a number of years as the levels of oestrogen fall and can sometimes be accompanied with symptoms - some mild, other severe - which can include but are not restricted to: irregular and/or heavier periods, hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, depression, anxiety, loss of libido, mood swings, difficulties with concentration, memory, headaches, weight gain - sounds like a barrel of laughs, doesn’t it?

I never thought much about menopause at all until recently when I started experiencing some of the symptoms. Symptoms I wasn't expecting at all and was quite an unpleasant surprise for a while. I think I'm getting used to the changes in my life and personality my reduced hormones are presenting but it really does feel like a transitional part of my life. 


We’re into “Finals Week” in our viewing of Masterchef Australia here in New Zealand. Of course, in Aussie the series is over with the winner well on their way to a new-found career, but here, we’re just entering the last few weeks of the show.

Recently, a relative has been visiting who happens to be a chef. Like, a proper chef - similar to one of the ones who judge on the show. Our relative, The Chef, has never watched Masterchef before because he's usually working, but has been absorbed into our television watching habits to the point that he’s not missed an episode for the last two weeks.

He chuckles to himself sometimes at what the contestants appear to do - or not do. Not because they’re doing much wrong but because, he says, many more people would be expected to do what a sole, or pair of contestants are challenged with such as cooking and serving 70+ people in a pop-up resHe’s decided which of the contestants will win based on their performance, techniques, and demeanour - and he’s correct because, of course, I Googled the outcome weeks ago so I know the answer.

gorgeous produce at the french markets in parnell.

gorgeous produce at the french markets in parnell.

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