The day before the day before Christmas

I’ve been hanging out for the holidays to start and now they’re here. 

It’s Summery and blustery outside. Inside the sound of the clock ticking marking all the time I am using to not do all the things I thought I’d do today. Oh sure, I got the parcels into the post - they would have been better to be sent a week ago - but they’re at the Post Office now so they will arrive at my family's home in Taranaki sometime after Christmas, but at least they will arrive. 

My house is a mess. Like, really, a mess. My youngest son David came around last night and I asked him to excuse the mess because I hadn’t tidied up in weeks to which he counted with “Ever!” I felt that was a bit harsh but then looked around and realised that was the current state of the joint.

He had popped around to say a) Hi! b) drop of his Arduino kit I had asked to borrow and c) have dinner. I love it when he does that - well a) and c) really. He’s often busy with work and school so it’s a treat (for me) when he has time to drop by.

I butterflied and roasted a chook which is always a mid-week treat. I’m still failing to cook crispy roast potatoes though; they tasted good but alas, no crunchy outsides. Not sure how many times I’ve watched Jamie Oliver do it but still can’t get the same results.  

But yes, back to the ticking clock. I have all this time. Loads of time on my hands because I haven’t had to do all the usual Christmas stuff. We’re having Christmas Day lunch at (my oldest son) Simon and (his wife) Melissa’s new house and because children don’t live here any more, I didn’t see any point in doing the whole Christmas tree/decorating thing this year.

Add the other decision to not do presents for adults, suddenly I have all this time. I don’t have to fight hoards of shoppers or lug tonnes of produce. I don’t have to dig out decorations or hover up drifts of pine needles. 

I just have to produce a few nibbles and a platter of food for lunch at someone else’s house.

So MacGyver and I have set up shop at the dining room table. She’s catching up on her sleep and I’m about to figure out which “nibbles” I’m going to take to the lunch on Sunday while being distracted by the latest Frankie magazine and forever day dreaming about new colour combinations for the walls.