Stop helping me

So I'm taking this project off you to lighten your workload.

The project you put on hold three months ago?

Yeh, I'm giving that to someone else.

Oh cool. It'll be good to see that project get started again.

No, we're going to keep it on hold.

But you're taking it off me to lighten my workload?


The project that's on hold?


The one I'm not currently working on, so it's not adding to my workload. And you're giving it to someone else, and it's remaining on hold. To lighten my workload.

Ah.. yes. Unless you don't want me to.

It's not a matter of me not wanting you to. What's the point of moving it from me to him if you're not going to activate the project.

To lighten your workload.

Then why don't we give him this active project? That would really help.

Because I want him to have the inactive project.

That will remain on hold? 


But that seems pointless.

So you want to keep the project?

Not that I want to keep it or not keep it. You can give it to him but if the point of the exercise is to lighten my work load, why are you moving something that has no impact on my workload?

So you do want to keep the project?

That's not what I'm asking. Why don't we move an active project then it would lighten my workload. Achieve the objective of the exercise.

So you do want me to give him the inactive project?

Argggg. Do what you like. Just. Do. What. You. Like.

I'm going to have to officially reprimand you for insubordination.