Sunday update

Kicking the News habit

I can’t cope with the stories about violence, abuse and heartbreak that the news media beams into my life anymore.

The headlines on newspapers delivered to my house, the radio updates and the 6pm broadcasts aren’t adding any value for me. As a matter of fact, they detract from any contentment or happiness I might be experiencing. They focus on the sensational, the devastating, the worst of humanity. So I’ve given them all up.

That doesn’t mean I don’t know what’s going on at all. Stuff still leaks in through Twitter and conversations and such and I choose what to focus on; but “news” is not a priority for me anymore. I mad this decision a month or so ago, and my heart and my head are better for it.

This week the United States voted and a new President has been elected. Everyone I’ve come in contact with has had an opinion on the US Election. There have been debates, breaking news, and locker-talk that has either solidified or swayed those opinions in work’s kitchen or after-work rants and while I’ve not been keeping up with the situation via traditional media outlets, I have an idea of what’s been going on and of the outcome.

Today I watched John Green’s video comment on the US Election, and I thought it was worth sharing with you if you hadn’t seen it already.

Being French

Things are going swimmingly in my journey to Frenchness. Stripes and red lipstick are increasingly part of my life, as is red wine and cafe conversations. The idea of buying a bike with a basket (for my sunflowers) and more frequent visits to museums and art galleries are on the horizon for Summer.

Listening more, talking less, and strolling are starting to make a difference to my inner-peace and contentment. It’s hard to explain; but it feels good.

Cinema: Dr Strange

I’ve only seen two movies in the last six months, and Dr Strange was the later. I was disappointed to find that I found the movie to be too talkie-talkie and too much emphasis on the special effects (which added very little to the story). Basically, it’s a set-up movie. Something that might have taken one issue in a comic book has been drawn out too long in the cinema. 

If I’d been in those production meetings I would have suggested that the first Dr Strange movie could have come right out of the box with the characters already formed, kicking arse and taking names. “But the audience wouldn’t know who or why or what was going on!” they would have countered across the board room table. “Exactly!” I would have countered. “Give the audience a slap in the face with action and astonishment and bring the back story in movie 2 or 3!” Radical, I know, but I had tons of time to think about what they *should* have done with Dr Strange during the slow-paced set-up of the movie. Even the trailer is too long/too talkie-talkie.

The other thing was the humour. Too many funny people in this movie. Dr Strange had a dry sense of humour. His girlfriend had a dryish/slapstick humour. The Clock of Levitation was pure slapstick. Wong the Librarian was funny too and I’m thinking hold on people. This isn’t a comedy, only one person gets to be funny not everyone. And by having so many funny people, it all became a bit dad-jokey.

So make the movie again: this time more action; stop showing off pointless special effects; let the Cape of Levitation be funny and Dr Strange be the straight guy.  Everyone else just stick to your knitting. BOOM!

Dream boating

My sister was up for The General Collective market this weekend at the ASB Showgrounds.

Jo makes spoons. 

I typed that last sentence for a long time because it sounds a bit weird - let’s see if I can do better. 

Jo works under the name “Etched” and stamps sayings onto vintage cutlery. Yeh, she makes spoons; and they’re charming and attractive and people love them.

She puts a lot of kilometres into markets, and thankfully there are two or three a year up here in Auckland so I get to see and hang out with her when she’s in town.

Jo was a stall-holder at The General Collective yesterday. It’s a massive market with really high quality arts and crafts. While wandering I developed a romantic idea of how much I’d love to do something like that: create lovely things then sell them to adoring customers. Spoiler alert: I wouldn’t really.

But I was walking around thinking how lovely it would be if I had an art studio, and a teardrop trailer my Mini could tow to markets to sell my wares. How satisfying it would be to develop the marketing and branding, grow the social media following, blog to support my creative thought-processes, share the contentment and satisfaction of making my own way in the world and supporting myself.

Doesn’t it all sound marvellous?

Except I would hate it. And I don’t have an interest or product that would suit that kind of lifestyle let alone the work ethic my sister displays on a daily basis not to mention the temperament to deal with customers.

Never-the-less the romantic dream boating is still lots of fun and my French-minds-eye is having a good time during all the time I'm spending not-talking.

 Photo from  Thiftahappy  Facebook page

Photo from Thiftahappy Facebook page