Blog your onion

Layer One: the outside

  1. What’s your preferred name? Michelle - but I do answer to others: Mish, Shelley, Mouse, Mum, Gramma. It took me most of Primary School (ages 5-10) to get to a point where I was okay being called Michelle. Fun Fact: when I was born, the name "Cushla" was considered for me. 
  2. Do you wear glasses? Yes I do. These days they are progressive lenses that aren't meeting my near-sighted needs so I'm often pushing them up on top of my head so I can read documents. Time for a new pair!
  3. How would you describe your fashion style?  I really haven't paid as much attention to my wardrobe let alone my "fashion style" these last few years (decades). It might be partly because I'm overweight, but mostly I think because it doesn't really interest me. I am thinking about developing a capsule wardrobe for Spring/Summer so I get the benefit of not thinking about clothes while giving the illusion that I care - we'll see how that develops.

Layer two: the inside

  1. What do you fear? Anything happening to the people I love - but I don't dwell on it even though it's the truthful answer. The feeling of falling is something I dislike intently so I avoid roller coasters, bungy-jumping, and other places where my stomach would drop so my flippant answer to this question would be that I have a fear of falling.
  2. What is your guilty pleasure? Sandra Bullock movies and One Direction songs <= enough said.

Layer three: your thoughts

  1. What was your first thought when you woke up today? "How can I manage to stay at home today?" That's all I ever want to do, and it's something I plot most mornings right up until I get in my car and drive to work. We don't have the option to work from home in my current work situation.
  2. What you think about most? Everything. I think the word "flibbertigibbet" was coined for my brain.
 Photo by  ImageMe  used under Creative Commons

Photo by ImageMe used under Creative Commons

Layer four: what's better?

  1. To be loved or respected? Respected.
  2. Dogs or cats? Cats. I find dogs too needy and farty for my liking, though I like dogs, the question was an either or.

Layer five: belief

  1. Believe in yourself? Yes.
  2. Believe in love? Yes.

Layer six: your talents

  1. Do you play a musical instrument? No.
  2. Do you enjoy cooking? Yes.
  3. Are you any good at gardening? Yes; though I don't do it because it's hard to get started and requires a consistency of concentration over time that I'm just not capable of. I would make an amazing Garden Supervisor "Plant that there!" "Prune this here!" "Weed that!" "Rake this!" see? born to it.

Layer seven: your favourites

  1. Favourite animal? Orca (polar bear? penguin? rabbit?)
  2. Favourite movie? Look Both Ways.
  3. Favourite book? The Last Samurai by Helen De Witt

Layer eight: age

  1. How old are you? 52
  2. Does age matter? Yes. The older you get the better you are.

Thanks to fellow #BlogJune participants Fiona  and Sean for the meme-spiration.