I think about when i was in college…and just after collage which was my peak “doing stuff” years. Like I was always doing something. I was always going somewhere. I’d go two places in a day. I had a lot to do!
— Merlin Mann

The grand kids are busy being kids: one is washing the slide with the hose; one is helping Granddad paint the pantry doors; one is out on the street playing with the neighbour's kids.

The kitchen is tidy: dishwasher at the end of its cycle; bench is clear and clean; fridge is clean and rearranged; dinner is leftovers so ready-to-go.

Bedroom is half-arsed-tidy: laundry is almost done; devices are all charged; dog is snoozing on my half-made bed.

This is Sunday.

I've found a pocket of peace where I can knit the ears for the HopsAlots felted slippers I'm knitting for Chloe while listening to John Roderick and Merlin Mann talk to each other on their weekly podcast.

Listen along!

Now listen, there is no body in the world who loves constructing a theory based on two books he read and an Intro to Anthropology class that he took in the ‘80s more than me. I love that shit. I love to walk in the forest and see a rock and say ‘ya know, that rock probably [insert-bull-shit-theroy-here] igneous.
— John Roderick

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