Springtime bunny burrows

After weeks of wet weather, the bunnies are busy gathering dry hay to line their newly dug burrow. Last week it was Rosie who was pulling her fur out for the comfort of the nest; this week Pepper is hell-bent about doing her share of the work.

Initially she was a bit nervous about me watching her go into the burrow, but she got over it and got on with ignoring me as she picked up the hay and transported it to the bowl of the burrow. 

Rabbits are some of the least lazy animals I’ve ever seen. While they do lounge about and use a lot of the day to sleep, the amount of earth they shift during the night is proof they are dedicated workers.


Lady chilling out on a fair-weather Saturday - just look at that face!Yesterday was a vet-visit day. Bella - the most independent of rabbits - has a weepy eye. This can mean a few different things, and none of them good. We popped over to South Auckland Vets in Papatoetoe, and came home with antibiotic drops for a twice-a-day application.

While none of the rabbits - or most rabbits for that matter - are snuggly types; Bella is the least of these. She doesn’t even like *other* rabbits and often chases her neighbours off with a big gruff noise and a shove with her nose. Needless to say she’s decided the tiny amount of trust I’ve spent the last year building with her has been destroyed by the vet visit let alone the injection and skin test she suffered.

I haven’t see her since returning her to the back garden yesterday and don’t expect to be able to administer any eye drops let alone twice per day for at least a week!


Richie (left) and Summer - two gorgeous Flemish Giant rabbits.