Democracy in action (with a side of maple syrup)

Today our country, New Zealand, came out to vote after weeks of #dirtypolitics, resignations, accusations, and other distractions from party policies. I hope as the results come in and the gaurd changes - or at least, reshuffles - our government might show the rest of us what it looks like to work _together_ to look after and grow our economy, look after the disadvantaged, and share some of the wealth and general happiness.

Photograph your food before consuming it - Instagram needs feeding too, you know!

My niece lives with us while she studies her final year at the University of Auckland. Living with us for this year means she is registered to vote in our electorate - which has been a National (right wing) seat for nearly 40 years - which is neither here nor there for you, just thought you might want to know.

I was really pleased to be able to take her to our local polling booth to vote which was, funnily enough, where I cast my first ever vote all those many years ago.

To celebrate a smart young women voting for the first time, we then went out for pancakes and french toast because nothing says democracy like delicious breakfasts dripping in maple syrup and dobbed with mascapone.