Wednes Day Links

It’s Evolve-time at work. I’m sure if you work in a corporate-type situation this is the time of the year when you’ll need to review your objectives and goals from the beginning of the year (all those promises), discuss them with your manager (make excuses as to why they’re not done), and plead your case for a pay rise or bonus (begging). Where I work the process is called Evolve (I feel better already). 

Filling in the forms that need to be sent to HR take ages and everyone (it’s not just me) groans about it. Before we get going on the document, we must clean our desks (need a clean work surface), sort our filing (clean out that intray to make room for all that bon-us mon-ey), re-organising the stationery cupboard (ooo pink post its!)

You know, all those procrastinating habits born of years of studying for exams (who says school is a waste of time).

Trouble is, after all your sorting and cleaning and paperclip-chain-making, you may still not be ready to start on the documenation. In that case, here are a few work(ish and a bit real-lifey) related links to read to avoid the evolving just a few more minutes and maybe even be a nicer work colleague.