Buntastic bunnies breakfast-time

This video shows Rosie gathering fur and hay to line her nest. Sexually mature rabbits will dig and line nests regardless of if they are expecting babies. I currently have four bunnies yet to be desexed, and it seems like it’s the “time of the month” for Rosie, at the moment.

You’ll see at the beginning of the video she’s yanking fur out of her body. She’ll use  this to line the nest for her imaginary babies. Then she gathers hay - and you’ll note she’s pretty choosey about which bits of hay she selects; gathering more and more into her mouth (look, Ma, no hands!) to take down to her burrow. 

The burrow is underneath the hutch she shares with Pepper, Abby, and Richie, and is wide and deep and dark, so I wasn’t able to get a shot good enough for you to see. But it’s a doosey of a burrow, believe me!

Mops isn’t as interested in my camera as the other buns in the video below.

I love how Charlie and the girls are just used to having a camera shoved into their faces. Mops is pretty non-plussed and won’t go out of her way to do anything. The others are a bit more inquisitive, and Bella is downright “get that blimmin’ thing out of my hutch!” as you’ll see the black rabbit land in front of the camera and, grabbing the lens with her teeth, try to eject it from her home. 

Fortunately she turns it the wrong way - the blurry golden bunny in the distance is Summer, btw - and then Charlie (ever the camera ham) uses the same technique to haul it back.

Snowflake tries to groom her mama, Bella, but gets ticked off and turns her back on the whole proceedings.

I can, and do, watch these guys for hours. They’re such characters and are so complex and cute.