Things that made today end up okay

You’ll be pleased to know:

  • a bale of hay can fit in the Mini*
  • pretty sure that two bales of hay can fit in the Mini if needed
  • driving around with a bale of hay in your back seat will kick start sneezing, runny nose, and sinus headaches
  • the cat has a bladder infection and antibiotics will keep her with us a bit longer
  • vets charge like wounded bulls
  • Brother, Where Art Thou is the perfect early evening movie
  • Spotify is great #fact
  • the bunnies loved getting baby carrots (complete with green stalks) for supper tonight**
  • bubble baths are best soaked on a school night

*Gravity is your best friend when trying to move a bale of hay out of your Mini and into your back garden. Pull the bale a wee bit out of the back of your car, then tip an empty wheelie bin underneath it. A tug and a tip and before you know it, your bale is inside the wheelie bin and it’s easy to push up the garden path. Who knew gravity could be so useful. #lifetips

**Rosie is a little dwarf breed of rabbit. She’s black and, like the other two black rabbits who live in my back garden, she’s suspicious of humans (me) and very aggressive towards other rabbits (she doesn’t mind Pepper). She spotted the carrot and waited until I wasn’t looking to eat in case, you know: TRAP! After I gave the other rabbits their carrots, I came back to see that she was eating the carrot and startled her with my reappearance and she picked up the carrot to run under the tree for some private time with her carrot. These baby carrots still have their green tops and Rosie’s dragged under her belly as she hop/ran with the orange carrot in her mouth, tripping her up and making her tumble. Like a trooper, she never let go of the carrot (which, for scale, would be like you trying to run with a baseball bat in your mouth) and made it under the tree to eat her delicious supper in private.

so. cute.