Saturday smoothies and getting things done

Green smoothie and poached eggs on wilted silverbeet/kale/zucchini/spinach

I really love Saturday mornings. You might be thinking that’s a no-brainer I mean, who wouldn’t like Saturday mornings? If you live a life where you don’t have to work in the weekends, Saturday mornings promise non-alarm wakeups, long sleep-ins, hanging out in comfy clothes, maybe eating a late breakfast at a local cafe - all the sorts of things racing off to work on a weekend morning stops you from doing.

For me, and for a long time, weekends didn’t mean as much as they do now; but living in Australia has taught me not only to appreciate the weekends, but to try and make the most of them by getting up early and out the door. 

This Saturday morning had me organise my errands in a large circular drive which landed me back home with my fresh batch of iron tablets, a set of digital kitchen scales, a box full of greens for me and the bunnies, and a few jars to store my increasingly variations of flour.

I hadn’t eaten breakfast before I left because I wasn’t hungry. Gathering my leafy green vegetables I was getting ready to construct my breakfast when I got home.

Both my blender and cast iron frying pan get a good workout most days and as I unpacked my produce, I dropped the appropriate ingredients right into either the blender or the moderately sizzling frying pan. I’ve really prefected a favourite green smoothie and it’s consistantly good. Pairing that with a dish of sauted vegetables and a couple of free range eggs, I settled down to break my fast while reading a new cookbook I’d picked up midweek.

Again I am struck by how amazing it is that I’ve shifted the way I think about food - and am sticking to it. That’s the most amazing part. I’m not missing the breads and pastries of weekend brunches; don’t need the drizzly honey or gloopy jam with melty butter over thick toast or sliced fruits over granola. I’m completely happy to get the dense nutrition of deep leafy greens into my system first thing in the morning and my entire day is better for it.

Super Food Kitchen by Julie MorrisSince coming back from Australia I’ve been aquiring old plates and cups. I just love the charm of old china and, most especially, the Asiatic Pheasants pattern on crockery. It crops up from a number of different companies, and has been knocked-off and recrafted over the years.

I spotted a poor but charming rendition of the old Wedgewood pattern on the other week and couldn’t help but bid for the cup, saucer, and plate trios.

Bristol Crown Ducal Asiatic Pheasants cup and saucerPart of this shift in my thinking about food is how I present it. I’m finding such delight in using mismatched vintage crockery when serving even everyday meals. Having a cup of tea poured from a lovely teapot, with milk in a sweet jug, and a tray to contain everything, gives me so much pleasure. Add some flowers to that mix and kapoo! what a lovely warm feeling.

Birthday flowers and Bristol triosBristol trio and birthday flowersPink flowers re just so lovely

Hope your Saturday is everything you want it to be. I hope to get kitchen chores done today including tidying and reorganising my over-loaded pantry, and cleaning out the damp hay from the bunny hutches.

What is your idea of a good Saturday morning?