Sunday Bunday

Look at those little paws - Abbey doesn’t need a group hug during thunder and lightning
Our storm didn’t last long, but it was pretty dramatic for the animals of the household. The thunder clap was one of the loudest I’ve ever heard, and the bolt of lightning hit somewhere closeby in the neighbourhood. The rain came down very suddenly and hard, but didn’t last long.
Some bunnies need the safety of a group hug when the heavens are thundering
After the first thunder clap I went out to check the bunnies. I could hear residual thunder rolling around the sky, and found these four snuggled up together, safe in their hutch.
This is unusual. Often the bunnies snuggle in their bonded pairs. Occasionally I’ll find three bunnies snuggling if Charlie is one of the bunnies, but I’ve never seen four of them together. Richie (the big grey Flemish Giant) doesn’t even *live* in this hutch. He left his partner Abbey on her own and sort the comfort in the girls’ hutch.
He seems to be enjoying the attention, getting a soothing groom to help ease his worries away.
Mr Richie gets some extra, special attention from the girls
Snowflake thinks that maybe now the thunder has finished, she might get back to trying to dig her way off the property
Snowflake wanted to get out of the hutch as soon as the weather had calmed down. She’s the last of the rabbits to be desexed - that is, she hasn’t had her op yet - so she’s still a full blooded bunnie who likes to do things like dig under the fence and go wandering around the street. Thank goodness our neighbours are kind enough to bring her back when she goes on her tiki tours. Look at that face: you can just tell she’s a troublemaker.
Lady’s glad the storm has passed and goes back to staying out of trouble
Lady is a quiet bunny. She likes a nose rub from me but mostly she prefers Richie’s company or snuggling with Bella, who used to bully her a lot but now they’re friendly. She’s such a sweet girl, but Abbey still chases her around the back garden with a decent amount of aggression. I guess her relationship with Richie isn’t quite as *open* as Richie’d have us believe.

Richie goes bacy to being cool, calm, and collected