The little post of Calm Down!

It may still be three weeks until Christmas, but it seems the crazy has come early this year - well at least to my nook of the woods - how about yours?

We got the inkling last week when people started popping out of the woodwork suddenly wanting things done in a hurry. Non-urgent things that were seen as urgent and pushed through with urgency, urgently.

So what's that all about? Is it suddenly realising the end (of the working year) is nigh?

Note to anyone who is suffering from a sense of urgency because of the date on the calendar: that's okay. Focus your urgency to laser precision. Work steadily, constantly, resolutely, until you get done what needs to get done.

Just don't panic. 

That's not going to help anyone and you're going to look like you're not managing. In fact, the higher up in the organisation you are the *more* incompetent you're going to look if you're flapping and squawking about as the problem persists.

What I'd also like to know is that if you panic at work over a typo or a lost file, what the heck are you going to do when a saber-toothed tiger jumps out of the filing cabinet and wants to eat you?

Panic is a natural response to a life threatening situation. It’s a primal emotion that has helped us adapt, overcome and survive life threatening situations. It’s only logical that panic would carry on to modern humans because our ancestors used it to survive.

Nowadays, we don’t really face any life threatening situations where panic is warranted. Even during real life threatening situations, panic will most likely make the situation worse.

Don't waste your fight/flight response on shit that doesn't require it.

This useful Christmas Work Tip (CWT) has been brought to you today by Thursday, the whackiest day that could have been avoided with a cool, calm head.