It's alive. It's alive... It's alive!

The Monster Movie’s heyday was the fifties with creatures from black lagoons, blobs of goo, and all manner of science fiction/horror crossovers that screened on big outdoor drive-ins across America.

While we don’t see as many monster-flicks these days, there are still some fantastic movies from the last few years to check out. Humour is a big part of the monster genre - sometimes even on purpose!

Here’re a fun bunch of links to trailers, scripts, and scenes that’ll give you a taste of monster without the hair-ball scare after taste:

  1. Teenwolf (Trailer)
  2. Ghostbusters (Trailer)
  3. Godzilla (Wikipedia)
  4. Mel Brook’s Young Frankestein (Script)
  5. Angry Red Planet (Scene with Rat Bat Monster (so good))
  6. Predator (Preview)
  7. Tremors (IMDB)
  8. The Mummy (First Mummy scene)
  9. The Fly (Compare and contrast 1958 version with 1986 reboot)
  10. Alien v Predator (Fight scene)

Think you know your monsters? Test your Monstrology with this multi-choice monster quiz.

Update on Saturday, October 25, 2014 at 12:13PM by Michelle

Layer Tennis features a monster in today’s match - well worth grabbing a cup of coffee and following along and reading @gruber’s commentary.